Fire/ Rescue

The Williamson Valley Fire District provides suppression/rescue services utilizing Type 1 engines  staffed with two or three first-responders and rescue ambulances staffed with two first-responders. The effective response force (the predefined units/personnel required to adequately manage a fire or medical scene) varies depending on the type of incident.  

Emergency Medical Services

The Williamson Valley Fire District Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Division began 20 years ago when it was decided that 100% of the firefighters would be cross trained as paramedics and/or EMTs in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Today, still 100% cross-trained as firefighter-EMT/Paramedics, WVFD EMS Division is recognized by the State of Arizona as a Premier EMS Provider utilizing evidenced based protocols and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition WVFD is medically based with Honor Health- Deer Valley, which provides a Level 1 Trauma Center and teaching hospital with a world-class renowned medical direction team.

The EMS division provides training, education and quality improvement through both a field EMS Lieutenant and a dedicated EMS training staff. The EMS training staff keeps our EMT's and Paramedics current on the latest medical treatment by providing large and small scale high-fidelity training simulations. Together, the EMS Lieutenant and the EMS training staff provide quality improvement through continuing medical education and review of patient care reports to continually refine the patient care process. 


The Williamson Valley Fire District provides aid in the extinguishment of fires in the Wildland Urban Interface in our District, in Western Yavapai County, in the Prescott Basin, in Arizona or anywhere the need arises in the United States. 

All members are Red Card qualified and have received numerous hours of training. When a team or single resource is requested by AZ State Land Department they are prepared to depart for their assignment within one hour. Teams operate on a rotation schedule and may be gone for up to a two week assignment. One of the benefits is the invaluable ‘on the job training' our firefighters receive while supporting firefighting teams across Arizona and the United States. 

Hazardous Materials

The District will be placing our own National Incident Management System (NIMS) certified Type 2 Hazardous Materials Team into service in the very near future. The District currently has seven specially trained Hazardous Materials Technicians located at two separate stations.

This team is also a member of the Prescott Basin Regional Hazardous Materials Team. 

Technical Rescue

The Williamson Valley Fire District has 11 certified Technical Rescue Technicians which are members on the Prescott Area Regional Response Team. They attended a five week intensive class that covered such topics as confined space rescue, trench rescue, technical rope rescue and swift water rescue. The team may respond to calls in our jurisdiction or to other agencies in need of mutual aid. Team members are required to attend monthly training drills to maintain and further enhance their skills. 

Technical Rescue Technicians are trained in the use of specialized equipment and techniques to locate, remove and provide immediate medical treatment to victims utilizing their training in the following rescue procedures: 

  • Rope Rescue
  • Water Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Building Collapse Rescue
  • Trench Rescue

Honor Guard

The mission of the Williamson Valley Fire District Honor Guard is to serve as representatives of the Fire District at formal occasions as directed by the Fire Chief. The Honor Guard projects a positive image of the District and its members by performing as a well trained professional team at local and national events. The Honor Guard is dedicated to honoring fallen firefighters, their families, and District members, past and present. 

The Honor Guard participates in several types of events. The team performs colors details at civic occasions, such as public parades, sporting events and other special community events as requested. They also perform colors details at many Fire Department events such as dedications, graduations, and awards ceremonies. Additionally. the Honor Guard plans, organizes, and performs at funeral and memorial services for Department members.